Summary: Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions by Readtrepreneur Publishing

Summary: Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions

Book Title: Summary: Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 198358309X

Author: Readtrepreneur Publishing

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Readtrepreneur Publishing with Summary: Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions

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Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions by Russell Brand | Book Summary | Readtrepreneur

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Overcome your addiction. Take your first steps towards freedom.

Recovery will provide you with the tools for battling your personal struggles and conquering your addiction. With this guide, you will achieve true freedom and never relapse again.

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“It can take a lifetime to spot the problem, and apparently a lifetime is all we have.” – Russell Brand


As someone who has struggled with many forms of addiction, including drugs, alcohol, food, sex and even eBay, author, comedian and movie star Russell Brand has a deep understanding of how difficult the recovery process can be. Through this book, Brand shares the experience he gained during his fourteen years of recovery as well as the steps he took in becoming and staying free from addiction.


We live in a world which has made us prone to addictions. Some addictions we are not even aware of, but are surely keeping us from being free and happy. As Russell Brand says, “a life time is all we have.” Make the best of it.

P.S. Recovery is an extremely useful book, not only for addicts, but for anyone waiting for their “fix.” Whether it is a job, a raise, a husband or a wife, we are all waiting for something and that is keeping us from living our lives. Since we only have one life, we should probably stop waiting and start living. Recovery will help you do that.  


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